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JUVO Luxury A Series Watch Winders


New Winders Offer Advanced Technology, 
Design and Affordability


AUSTIN, TX – JUVO is challenging the way watch collectors display and wind their watches by offering watch winders built in a minimalist design to complement the collectors’ living environment.

“I’m a watch addict,” says Bhanu Chopra, JUVO Co-Founder. I have all these great watches, but they sit inside a storage box and I rarely get to display them. To me, it’s like keeping the Crown Jewels of England out of sight where no one can enjoy them.”

“JUVO solves a simple problem for the typical ardent watch collector,” explains Chopra. “Currently the choice is limited to either elaborate high-end winders, or cheap boxy, noisy, utilitarian winders which are best left hidden away. So, I designed a winder which offers contemporary design, simple controls, and protection for your luxury watches, at an affordable price.” 

JUVO’s design inspiration comes from vintage Hi-Fi stereo amplifiers – high quality wood case, chrome control knobs and plates, and radiant fluorescent lights. The fluorescent lights are replicated with the use of Chips-on-Board (COB) optics, which enables watches to instantly become the center of attention at just the flick of a switch.

JUVO Winder Features

Case Construction 

The JUVO case is hand-made with fine materials comprising of high gloss wood panel, a patented aluminum extrusion design, and a glass plate with high gloss finish.


The heavy-duty glass cover protects the watches from falling out, and from excessive dust accumulating on the watches.  The glass cover also comes with a lock and two keys to keep the watches secure (available on A3, A4, A6, and A8 winders).

COB Lights

This is the first time anyone has used COB (Chips-On-Board) technology in a watch winder. The COB light brings the focus on watches like fluorescent lights did for the controls in a vintage receiver.  The COB light can be adjusted to three intensities depending on your liking.


JUVO design offers simple control knobs to independently control the direction and turns-per-day settings for each watch.  The inspiration for chrome accented control knobs came from the various control knobs on a vintage receiver.

JUVO A1 single watch winder can be operated on AA batteries  so you can place it inside a safe. 

JUVO A3, A4, A6, and A8 to hold three, four, six, and eight of your luxury watches respectively, and keep them fully wound for accurate time. 

Based in Austin, JUVO works closely with a talented engineering team. The company’s design inspiration comes from the philosophy “More is less. Less is more.” 

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Technical Specifications:

Made from high gloss wood panel with a patented aluminum extrusion design, and comes with a glass cover and a lock to protect your watches.

First ever use of COB (Chips-On-Board) lights to provide soothing ambient lighting.  Light switch to control the intensity or turn off for complete darkness. (Feature not available in A1 winder).

Designed with multiple rotation sequences, which keeps your watch working accurately and prevents any over winding.

JUVO watch winder is suitable for all automatic wristwatches, and has a reliable Mabuchi motor with quiet operation. 

The 3 winding units function independently in rotation and direction setting. There are four rotation options with Turns-Per-Day rates of 650-900-1200-1500 TPD, and three directions (Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Bi-Directional).

Comes with a durable watch cushion, which offers the perfect grip to accommodate small-to-large watches, as well as other accessories such as a microfiber cloth, a pair of white gloves, and an instructions manual.

JUVO watch winder is guaranteed for 2 years, from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect.


JUVO Luxury A Series Glass Plate JUVO Luxury A Series Control Knobs
 Glass Plate Control Knobs
JUVO Luxury A Series Lock JUVO Luxury A Series COB LED Light
Door Lock COB LED Light

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